Market Segmentation And Product Benefits Marketing Essay

This study is developed with an purpose for designation of the different market sections for the merchandise: Blackberry Smartphones. The cleavage will supply the entity with the appropriate information in footings of the varied consumer sections and the demands and wants of such consumer market sections. This will supply information in footings of the consumer wonts, tendencies and buying wonts every bit good of similar merchandises in the market. Hence, after proviso of such information with adequateness the entity will be able to develop or launch merchandises with such mark sections in consideration.

Product Overview:

Blackberry is a Canadian house covering in the industry and sale of smartphones in the nomadic phones industry. Its merchandises are renowned for their high quality in footings of public presentation and executing of complex undertakings. Hence, this attack could be used by the organisation in footings of entry and heightening the growing in footings of gross revenues within the several market sections. The assorted Blackberry merchandises are distinguishable in footings of their form, ability to run, and systems used in the merchandises, which are merely used by blackberry merchandises.

The assorted Blackberry merchandises are separately distinguishable. However, they all have similar user interfaces and applications. The Blackberry nomadic phones allow for instant messaging through the legion online messaging services such as Yokel! and MSN. They are besides equipped with planetary positioning systems to let users to utilize the nomadic phone as a directory and map. This is besides used a security step against nomadic phone larceny as it allows for the proprietor to see location of the stolen appliance. These merchandises besides allow for other amusement characteristics such as camera and picture recording, media participant for music, picture, and high-octane operating system that is distinguishable to Blackberry merchandises. The physical characteristics of the merchandises besides allow text-messaging partisans to utilize the QWERTY computer keyboard with easiness, as it is similar to that of a computing machine keyboard.

Merchandise Benefits:

Blackberry smart phones are lasting and of high quality in nature. Hence, they are able to digest human deaths without subjecting the user to the anguish of loss of critical contacts and information. In add-on, the user is besides able to utilize the blackberry Smartphone for official intents such as screening and sending of official paperss. This is possible due to the high quality powered operating system defined as BlackBerry 7.1 OS. Therefore, it provides concern executives, and other persons involved in concern and in demand of high public presentation appliances for put to deathing office undertakings at the comfort of their locations from offices. Such would supply people with the ability to progress callings and do terminals run into.

In add-on, the security characteristics and mapping characteristics of the BlackBerry merchandises entail the usage of Global Positioning Systems, which enables users to happen locations from their cell phones every bit good as bespeaking locations of a devise after larceny, or malpositions form the computing machine. Such characteristics guarantee national and single security.


This study aims at measuring the assorted market sections available for BlackBerry nomadic phones. These ratings will affect the designation of the features of consumers within the single market sections. In add-on, this study will besides bring forth thoughts in footings of the schemes and attacks to be used in entry, in the identified market sections. Furthermore, this study will guarantee that the sections identified are feasible and relevant in footings of the merchandise


This study will guarantee that the sections are identified compactly and with preciseness. Such designations will be followed by a subsequent description and rating of each section. This will guarantee that the designation could take to future investings in development of merchandises for the several sections, which indicate viability in footings of merchandise success, and good influxs of grosss. In add-on, the sections should besides bespeak a positive tendency in footings of growing to guarantee that the organisation can harvest in the short-run, every bit good as in the long-run. Actual records in footings of the schemes and relevant information for this survey are based on studies every bit good as other surveies on BlackBerry and its operations.


It is assumed that the market in the sale of the nomadic phones irrespective of the section of sale is a dynamic market. Additionally it is assumed that the entity will go on to do significant investings in the research and development of new merchandises for the assorted clients ‘ demands and wants. Dynamism in the markets will guarantee the revolution of the nomadic industry due to the usage of new engineering in the development of new merchandises. It is besides assumed of the presence of client trueness to the assorted BlackBerry merchandises. Hence, irrespective of the alterations in footings of consumer buying and ingestion forms some consumers will stay loyal to the merchandise. Furthermore, the consumer tendencies and buying wonts are the chief drivers of the development of new merchandises to guarantee that the entity maintains its fight in the nomadic market through diverse merchandises for different markets.


The designation or precise market sections with surety is one of the chief challenges of this study. This is because of the current tendencies in footings of alterations due to engineering and the ingestion forms, which vary signifier one part to another. Given that, the entity has bases in different states ; the sections vary in footings of ingestion wonts form one part to another. Hence, there is a demand to develop merchandises, which are distinguishable for the assorted markets characteristics of a part. In add-on, entree to adequate information in footings of the merchandise ability to fulfill consumer wants in the assorted market sections was besides another challenge encountered in the class of developing this study.

In add-on, consumers are normally misinterpreted. This frequently leads to the production of merchandises, which are deficient in footings of fulfilment of the consumer demands. Other merchandises are considered as inappropriate for the identified market niche or section. Furthermore, the designation of a market section could take to identification a market that is little and unprofitable for investings in merchandises by BlackBerry.

Another facet is the cost of production and entry into the identified sections. Designation of costs related with the selling and merchandise facets of an entity ‘s activities within a several market could be a hard facet to set up given the uncertainnesss associated with such volatile markets. This is mostly attributable to economic conditions and the technological promotions in the nomadic industry. The long-run demands and wants of consumers will ask the reevaluation of the current BlackBerry merchandises in the market. The hereafter will supply a ambitious period for the entity in footings of the consumer demands and wants.


This study plans to guarantee that the entity attains its ends and aims. Such will be attained through research and development of high quality merchandises with regard to the demands and wants of the single market sections. Additionally the entity will achieve such ends based on the usage of the market trends in the several mark market sections identified. Such will guarantee that there is equal information in footings of the consumer demands and tendencies or purchase and ingestion.

After research into the future tendencies and consumer wonts every bit good as the hereafter merchandises to be developed in the Smartphone market, BlackBerry would guarantee the development of merchandises with such respects. This would supply the entity with the needed assurance that the merchandises are able to accrue short-run and long-run benefits. An effectual and appealing selling run should be established after surety of the being of demands and wants, which could be fulfilled by the new merchandises.

Part 3:

Consumer analysis:

The assorted consumer sections identified in this study have similarities. These similarities are based on the alterations in technological promotions in relation to the merchandises they purchase. Hence, all merchandises in the assorted market sections have different degrees of values in footings of the grosss they accrue to the concern. They are divided in footings of the demands of consumers every bit good as in footings of their buying and ingestion wonts in the several market sections. Some consumers of BlackBerry merchandises are considered valuable due to their trueness to the BlackBerry merchandises in the market. The relationship with this group of consumers is based on the presence of characteristics alone to the blackberry brand of nomadic phones.


Merchandise Knowledge

Concrete Product attributes

Abstract Product Attributes

Functional Benefits

• Unique QWERTY computer keyboard and Unique user interface

• Enhanced amusement characteristics

• High-quality computer keyboard and screen.

• Uses alone Operating System

• Eases executing of undertakings

• Enables easiness in entree to information




Instrumental values

Terminal values

• Social positions among equals in footings of having high-end merchandises

•Ease in executing of undertakings and communicating every bit good as amusement

• The quality and characteristics of the merchandise ease day-to-day activities

There are other viing trade names such as Apple, Samsung, Nokia and Sony Erickson among others. Such rivals have high-end merchandises finding the tendencies of the markets in footings of new characteristics and technological promotions.

High engagement merchandises:

This includes the high-end merchandises, which are normally appealing to consumers because of their capablenesss. However, they are normally prone to theft. Hence, consumers take into consideration the safety of their appliances when buying and the possibility of loss in relation to the purchase monetary value. These are normally preferred by persons with comparatively high incomes as they are used in concern scenes for executing of concern undertakings such as screening and sending of paperss.

Low engagement merchandises:

These are mean priced merchandises, which normally make the majority purchases, as consumers would finally switch to new merchandises in the coming of new engineering and better merchandises in the market. Their monetary values are normally attractive for low-end consumers such as immature people without a beginning of income.


BlackBerry has been involved in an attempt to do merchandises, which are user friendly for all the consumer demands, which vary from one mark consumer section to another.

Market sections in the nomadic industry are normally set out in three groupings. This grouping falls under the class of psychographic cleavage. Psychographic cleavage assumes that the assorted facets of private or public life find the buying and ingestion wonts of single within a market. Such include cleavage based on the life styles of consumers within a defined part or country.

The cleavage shows the assorted activities carried out in a part. Such include the age of persons in a market, the values in footings of civilization and individualism, the life styles, activities, involvements and sentiments of the consumers about the merchandises in the identified market sections. Additionally this cleavage attack besides defines the market based on facets such as social categories. Social categories are normally apparent in a given market in footings of persons with big disposable incomes possessing the ability to do high-end merchandise purchases whereas others can hardly afford the necessities for endurance. Hence, some merchandises are normally developed with a certain consumer mark by the entity.

Another facet of merchandise development and market cleavage is the usage of personalities as a footing for development and selling of merchandises for BlackBerry. Personalities nevertheless, are a merger of some elements identified before such as life styles and societal groupings or category and individualism. Another attack of cleavage used is the designation of users or possible consumers of merchandises in footings of the demographics. This targets the assorted age groups, gender of the market section, businesss, and social categorizations.

Another footing for cleavage is the benefits sought by the users of the Black berry merchandises. In the identified sections, users have distinguishable utilizations in their several sections. Users in the concern universe demand appliances, which will enable them to carry on their minutess or concern in out-of-office scenes with efficiency and easiness. In add-on, such appliances should guarantee executing of such undertakings with effectivity and maple velocity as relation to an office scene.

On the other manus, immature persons need appliances with the ability to guarantee maximal amusement given the market trends in engineering around the universe.

1. Business state of affairss:

These devices are famed and preferred by persons in the concern universe because of the legion capablenesss in footings of helping persons execute assorted undertakings from any location. Presently, the entity has its merchandises available in135 states, which are used by over 350 nomadic bearers around the universe. This market section constitutes a big part of the gross revenues made by the entity. This is because of the penchants by consumers in enabling executing of critical and complex undertakings with simple appliances such as the BlackBerry Smartphones.

2. Younger coevals:

This market section is by far the largest market section for nomadic phone shapers and other engineering related merchandises around the universe. They are driven by the alterations in footings of technological promotions. They are normally considered as engineering understanding and purchase merchandises with assorted considerations such as new applications and other package, and societal media enabled nomadic phones. Other parts of this section of this market are besides driven by the demand to guarantee that they are able to prosecute their equals in text messaging. Furthermore, they are greatly influenced by the market tendencies such as technological promotions and the ingestion forms of their equals. Hence, they are likely to prosecute in impulse purchasing due to higher ingestion by their equals in the market.

Communication demands:

The entity should concentrate on the larger population in footings of supplying consumers with appliance which could enable them fulfill their communicating demands. This is considered as the general market because of the general pertinence of the appliances in about all-societal scene. An all rounded merchandise is indispensable to guarantee that all consumers are targeted by the merchandises developed by the entity. This ensures that the company can concentrate on merchandises, which are alone for consumers of all ages and sections.

Part 5:

The chief market section in focal point is the immature grownup or adolescent market. This mark market is basically moneymaking for nomadic phone makers. This is because of the ever-increasing figure of immature persons seeking Mobile appliances based on their ability to utilize engineering advanced merchandises in the market.


This is the chief platform assumed by the bulk of Smartphone shapers around the universe. This is because immature persons are driven by the demand to guarantee that they are in line with the technological promotions in the society.

Part 6:

The entity needs to concentrate wholly on all consumers in footings of supplying appliances, which meet the outlooks of the larger portion of the community. This would guarantee that the entity has merchandises, which could be used to fulfill the demands of people in demand of appliances, by guaranting that they are able to pass on adequately. Hence, the entity could ship on development of new merchandises, which meet the demands of the market niches or sections identified. This would supply the entity with an facet of variegation in footings of its grosss and market laterality. Some merchandises could likely execute ill in some market sections whereas others could merely execute exceptionally in the identified market sections.

However, a Mass-marketing attack as earlier stated could ensue in uneffective and unequal selling attacks for the identified market sections. Hence, it is indispensable to supply merchandises, which have a specification for certain markets. The younger bracket of engineering savvy persons demands merchandises, which are in line with the market trends in footings of engineering and applications.

Social media is presently one of the largest and most effectual channels for selling of merchandises particularly if such merchandises are aimed at persons with broad cognition in engineering. The immature persons section would be accessible through societal media. This is because the bulk of the immature population is driven by the tendencies in footings of equals buying tendencies every bit good as through merchandises, which could enable them to entree societal media irrespective of their locations. The entree to the big figure of persons in the market could supply the entity with an chance to guarantee that they are able to achieve the growing in footings of the trade name name and the grosss accrued for the sections of the market identified.

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