UTTAR HARYANA BIJLI VITRAN NIGAM Sales Circular No. U- 10/2010 From The General Manager/Comml. , UHBVN, Panchkula. To All CEs/ (OP)/SEs (OP) Xens/SDOs/op, JEs-I, Incharge in UHBVN. Memo No: – Ch. 09/TR-99(90)/L-II Dated: – 09. 04. 2010 Subject: Dispensation of the Schedule of Development Charges and revision of schedule of service connection charges In compliance with HERC regulation (Regulation No. HERC/12/2005 dated 26. 07. 005) “Duty to Supply Electricity on request, power to recover expenditure incurred in providing supply and power to require security”, the Nigam shall on receipt of application from owner or occupier of any premises, give supply of electricity to such premises. The present schedule of development charges shall be dispensed away with and service connection charges (SCC) shall be levied on consumers without making any distinction between the consumers in authorized and unauthorized colonies.

The Nigam is eligible to recover the cost so incurred according to regulation 4. 5. 2 of the HERC Regulation HERC/12/2005. The schedule of service connection charges which shall be applicable are given below:Table: Schedule of Service Connection Charges S. No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Consumer Category Single Phase DS Three Phase DS Single Phase NDS Three Phase NDS Bulk Supply & LT Industrial Supply HT Industrial Supply Service Connection Charges Rs. 350/- per KW Rs. 500/- per KW Rs. 500/- per KW Rs. 1000/- per KW Rs. 750/- per KW Rs. 2500 per KVA of contract demand

If the network expansion cost (extension of HT/LT lines and proportionate transformer installation cost) is more than the above charges then higher of the two will be charged. The detailed procedure for release of new connections has already been circulated vide sales circular S. C No. U-73/2005. All the Sales circulars on the subject matter stands amended to the above extent. The above instructions should be brought to the notice of all concerned for careful and meticulous compliance. General Manager/ Commercial UHBVN, Panchkula

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